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Clinical Pharmacology and Quality Assurance

Developing and conducting quality assurance activities that support global HIV/AIDS translational research and clinical trials within DAIDS networks

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CPQA is a project of the University at Buffalo

Clinical Pharmacology Quality Assurance

The Clinical Pharmacology Quality Assurance (CPQA) program is a global cross-network program that develops and conducts quality assurance activities in support of HIV translational research and clinical trial networks. CPQA works with laboratories participating in HIV clinical trials to improve the quality of pharmacology data, increase awareness of the importance of pharmacology at clinical sites, and provide a mechanism for ensuring the quality of pharmacology data in HIV clinical trials.

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What CPQA Does

  • Provides assay quality review for clinical pharmacology laboratories (CPLs)
  • Conducts antiretroviral proficiency testing for domestic and international CPLs
  • Assists and train CPL staff in assay development, validation, and implementation
  • Provides training to clinical trial personnel in quality conduct for pharmacology studies
  • Publishes and disseminates results to improve the quality of pharmacology measurements made in clinical trials